• ASM #3 has come to an end - Results

    ASM #3 has come to an end - Results

    The 3rd season of the aAa Speed Mastership is now over, we would like first of all to thank all mappers for sending in maps. We have to say we were close to calling off this season due to an important lack of maps and quality, but hopefully you made it possible.   

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  • ASM #3 - Divisions & Information

    ASM #3 - Divisions & Information

    ASM #3 is about to start, 13 teams took part to the competition so far, find out more by clicking here !

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  • Full results - Thank you all for participating !

    Full results - Thank you all for participating !

    aAa Speed Mastership Season 2 has finally ended ! The Grand Final took place last sunday between the undefeated Aurora Racing and against All authority, and at the end of a breathtaking and very close match, against All authority gained the upper hand over Aurora Racing with a 4-1 score (11/14 -…

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  • Playoffs


    The 4 best teams from Division 1 have finally advanced to playoffs, while playoffs from Division 2 are coming to an end, things are getting serious !

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  • Double 1vs1 - Organization

    Double 1vs1 - Organization

    Regarding the organization of the 1vs1² submatch, for each match, we ask all captains to send a private message on our website to "1vs1²" at least 10mn before your match starts (20:50 if you play at deftime), where you'll note your two 1vs1 players…

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  • First Mappack

    First Mappack

    The aAa Speed Mastership #2 is starting !  Heat your engines, 1st mappack is already out : *ASM* - Orange by rick *ASM* - R by Craicy & Fredair :…

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  • ASM is back ! Maps & Registrations

    ASM is back ! Maps & Registrations

    Everything you need to know about the maprequest and registrations, check this news.

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