Double 1vs1 - Organization

Sat 1st Oct 2016 - 10:41am : General

Regarding the organization of the 1vs1² submatch, for each match, we ask all captains to send a private message on our website to "1vs1²" at least 10mn before your match starts (20:50 if you play at deftime), where you'll note your two 1vs1 players as well as their order. Just follow this example :


To : 1vs1²

Subject : Your match (e.g. iGn' vs. *aAa*)

Message : 

1. Player 1

2. Player 2


We want to avoid any confusion when starting any 1vs1, like waiting for the other team to show its player before showing yours, etc...

Thus, the players and the order you sent will have to be respected (we'll be checking afterwards). Screens are mandatory !

PM link :²

We know it's a bit late but we've been vainly seaching for a better system for quite a long time.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask !




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