Full results - Thank you all for participating !

Tue 29th Nov 2016 - 3:54pm : General

aAa Speed Mastership Season 2 has finally ended ! The Grand Final took place last sunday between the undefeated Aurora Racing and against All authority, and at the end of a breathtaking and very close match, against All authority gained the upper hand over Aurora Racing with a 4-1 score (11/14 - 7/4 - 7/5). That means they succeed eSportsUnited as ASM champions.

Sadly, True Angels and eSportsUnited didn't play their 3rd-place match so they both end up at 3rd/4th. Followed by sef.Gaming 1 at 5th, iGn' eSports at 6th, insane at 7th and finally Fluffy Unicorns at last place.

On the other hand, DnA Racing are the Division 2 winners after defeating L-Core in final. Congratz to them on joining Divison 1 on next ASM season ! 3rd place goes to sef.Gaming² after winning over SpeedMania finishing at 4th, and finally Imperial Phoenix ends up at 5th place.


All in all, we hope you all had fun on this second season. Feel free to leave any comment or feedback, it'd be truly appreciated !

Thank you all for participating and see you at ASM #3 !







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