ASM #3 - Divisions & Information

Thu 28th Sep 2017 - 9:43pm : General : Gaming

ASM #3 is about to start, 13 teams took part to the competition so far, here they are in their respective divisions:

You can already check the forum section to find your match thread and start talking with your opponent.

About playoffs, both divisions will have their own. The 4 best teams from Division 1 will qualify to semi-finals (1st vs. 4th / 2nd vs. 3rd), while the 6th will drop down to Division 2 on the next season. Same goes for Division 2, except that the 6th will of course stay in Division 2 while the winner from these playoffs will join Division 1 on the next ASM season

Map Order:

  Double 1vs1 3vs3 4vs4
Playday 1 Parallax TigerTooth Danknetic Overdrive
Playday 2 Danknetic Overdrive Parallax TigerTooth
Playday 3 Shuriken San Washed up
Playday 4 Washed up Shuriken San
Playday 5 Daft Punk Fly raccoOn
Playday 6 D2 - Semi-Final D1 Fly raccoOn Daft Punk
Playday 7 D2 - Grand Final D1 raccoOn Daft Punk Fly




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