ASM #3 has come to an end - Results

Mon 27th Nov 2017 - 10:02am : General

The 3rd season of the aAa Speed Mastership is now over, we would like first of all to thank all mappers for sending in maps. We have to say we were close to calling off this season due to an important lack of maps and quality, but hopefully you made it possible. 

As Aurora Racing dominated groupstage by remaining undefeated, iGn' and Co' managed to spring a surprise and take the upper hand over the multinational team led by Shadow, reaching consequently their first final ever. The other semi-final brought True Angels and against All authority together, but ultimately the french roster proved worthy and qualified for its third ASM final.

Despite being a clear underdog, iGn' & Co' kept on impressing by winning the first submatch of this Grand Final over against All authority. However, the titleholder pulled itself together and convincingly won the remaining submatches on a final score of 4-1 (9-10 7-2 7-1) and thereby, retain its title.

 against All authority

 iGn' & Co'

 True Angels

 Aurora Racing


Regarding Division 2, it proved to be very interesting yet again, especially to find out who would take the remaining spots leading to playoffs. In the end, Avant-Garde Network outclassed the other teams and finished first, undefeated as well. In semi-final, we saw SpeedMania winning over Love anew while Imperial Phoenix didn't succeed in turning the tables against Avant-Garde Network. 

On the final, SpeedMania was able to challenge its opponent on the 1vs1², nevertheless Avant-Garde Network showed itself to be way stronger on all other submatches and thus accede to the throne of Division 2, which also means that they will move up to Division 1 on the next season, congratulations!

 Avant-Garde Network



 Imperial Phoenix


Thank you all for participating, we hope you had fun throughout this third season. We consider improving a lot of things on the next season, regarding the organisation and everything related to the structure of the competition. We know that this year's maps were subject to discussion, we truly wish we could have displayed a better overall quality but unfortunately we didn't receive enough entries in comparision to last seasons (20 this year, against +40 on ASM#2).

Anyway, feel free to leave any comment or feedback, it would be truly appreciated!

See you @ASM #4!




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