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  • Wed 29th Aug 2018 - 6:00am

    The Brazilian Crystal Ball

    Just the basic proliferation of Internet users  The Ecom Formula means that the Brazilian market will continue to grow enormously in the coming years. This will be aided by the fact that mobile payments are expected to become a key driver in the continued growth of ecommerce.

    Currently confusing local rules and a complex tax and delivery system can make Brazil a challenge to penetrate; but one that is definitely worth it given the absolute explosion of online buyers and large current and future market opportunities.

    Businesses are combining different methods of purchasing to employ tactics like click-and-collect to make it easier for the consumer to get what they want.
    Nearly 70m consumers in France can be served through a modern delivery infrastructure, high Internet penetration and growing mobile services. These factors, combined with consumers attuned to buying both chic brands and value bargains, make France an ideal venue for retailers to expand via ecommerce.

    The French ecommerce market place is 3rd in the EU and 6th in the world (50b Euro in 2013). Internet penetration reaches 52m people, almost 80% of the population. Perhaps more importantly for ecommerce there are currently over 32m buyers online--but at 62% there's plenty of room for future growth. Of those buying online, total annual purchases have nearly doubled from 900m to 1,400m Euro from 2008 to 2012 (about 14% per year), with a current average transaction size of 87 Euro per purchase.



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