TopicBursitis Symptoms And What You Can Do To Stop The Pain

  • Wed 16th May 2018 - 10:38am

    I hope by sharing this with you that you too will be Nerve Renew able to find it in yourself to love your pain, to learn to laugh again and when it becomes to much, to call on the love from above to help you get through.Look for something that is special for you, be it sitting out in nature, be it looking at artwork or doing some yourself. Be it appreciating what others do for us. We each have our own passion. It may be sitting in a garden or sitting on the beach, it may be spending time with family. Whatever it is for you, find that thing and recognize it for what it is. If you struggle with this, then again, ask for help from above, that's how I discovered my photography, I opened myself up to suggestion and said, "Please help me, let me find something that will take me through this journey" and I found my photography.

    I encourage you to do the same. Pain can be debilitating, it can be heart breaking, it can be soul destroying, if we allow it to be, but we can turn it around and we can love it, we can know that it is part of us that is hurting, that needs love far more than any other part, so give it that love, listen to the pain, rest when you need to, don't struggle against it, flow with the river instead of fighting against it. and let yourself be free, finally free to be all that you can be.


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