Topic Are You Eating Too Much?

  • Wed 16th May 2018 - 11:48am

    The dreaded question that both men and women face at Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy Review least once in every relationship, for those lucky few, the question is asked once or twice, for the rest of us its a battle to constantly tell little white lies that gets us through.

    One evening I was asked the question by my girlfriend, what proceeded was a barrage of verbal abuse, and the fear of a baseball bat being pulled out and having my head used for target practice. Luckily, I survived that night with all limbs in tact, yes I do mean, all my limbs!

    Unfortunately this is an epidemic, we are left scratching our heads, contemplating how we are going to get our partner off the junk food, onto the treadmill without losing our lives in the process. If there is one thing I have learned honesty is the greatest policy but it must be for sincere and unselfish reasons.

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