TopicIvyBot - Everything You Need to Know About the New Forex Trading Robot Called IvyBot Software

  • Thu 17th May 2018 - 7:21am

    There are literally thousands of Forex brokers both FX Atom Pro on line and in the real world. Some are good brokers and some are not so good. Like any trade there are cowboys. How do you choose a good broker and what should you be looking for?Get a US based Forex broker and be sure that your Forex broker is registered as a Futures Commission Merchant FCM with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC and a NFA member. Although the forex markets are unregulated it will show that your broker is committed and not just a fly by night mad man with an Internet connection. You can verify this by Phoning NFA at 800 621-3570.You should avoid non regulated firms completely and check the financial state of the company. They should have a clean record with regards to the telephone number above.

    Your broker should allow you to trade over the Internet without any difficulties. This will include a good software system. Try out the demo account that they should offer. If you can not demo their software then don't even consider using them, it could be awful and most brokers will allow you to test drive it first. You should be able to view real time exchange rates as well as your current account balance and margins etc.Not all brokers have the same terms and conditions, read them thoroughly and make sure they meet your needs. Their minimum lot size may exceed your means for example. You should check for rollover charges some brokers charge an extortionate amount.


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