Topic How to Get in Better Shape by Grazing

  • Thu 17th May 2018 - 12:17pm

    Try doing this religiously for a week. You will be amazed 14 Day Keto Challenge Review at the insights it throws up. You will know your 'weak zones' and the snacks that are denting your progress. For many people, just the act of having to note down what they eat cuts down their snacking considerably. This is because a lot of the extra eating that we do is kind of 'mindless' which is to say that we eat without even realizing that we are eating. Knowing that every bite will be recorded puts a sort of discipline and awareness into our eating habits which is the first step to healthy weight loss.

    Don't Multitask while eating: Can you remember the last time you sat alone and ate your food without talking, without any company, not even the telly. Probably not. Most of us eat in company often with our favorite program on television. We talk about our day, encourage our children to share experiences and generally treat the dining table as a meeting place. The only time many families meet is at the dining table so it's a lot more than a place to have food - it's a social ritual.

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