Topic Keeping Your Emotional Illness Under Control

  • Sat 19th May 2018 - 12:07pm

    One of the other benefits is that I also work with a lot of Solomon’s Secret Review people who would otherwise never see a counselor. Perhaps they are going through a tough time and just need a professional opinion, or have hit a roadblock in their life and just need to blow off some steam. Whereas this person would have never taken the initiative to set up a counseling appointment, due to a variety of reasons, they can go on the internet, find a therapist, talk for 10-15 minutes, and possibly have the answers they need without ever having to come back. This readily accessible, solution focused practice is a major breakthrough in the mental health world. It is its own type of help that is worth serious consideration and study as it's own form of practice.

    Obviously online therapy is not for everyone and face to face will continue to have its importance. People who are struggling in great severity require a higher level of care than can be delivered over the internet. Some things cannot replace simple human contact. What online therapy does, is increase the accessibility of legitimate, effective, and professional help to people who would not otherwise see someone face to face. What a therapist sacrifices in terms of being able to see a person's body language and hear the different intonations in their voice, you make up in being able to reach out to people who would have never otherwise considered professional help, and make real difference in their lives.

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