TopicAbove All Faith

  • Sat 23rd May 2020 - 6:40am

    Child of love and light, seek first within you that which you desire The Amazing You 2020 Review  and it shall be so. Seek to heal the wounds within for there is much love, there is much light. Call upon my brethren and me; we shall be by your side in the moment of the asking. Trust this to be so and it shall be so. Release that which attempts to keep you where you are. Release you from pain and sorrow. Be willing to shed the past, opening to all that awaits you in the light. Know you are protected as you walk the path before you. **channeled by Terrie Marie

    There is a spark of Divinity within all living creatures great and small. Be willing to see the Divinity within yourself and others. What challenges have you experienced in seeing the spark of Divinity within you or others? We all learn by sharing our experiences. Post your comment, subscribe to this Blog.

    Inhale slowly; releasing all that has come before this moment. Know all is unfolding before you. Remember to breathe deeply exhaling all shadow or doubt. Join me, the Angel Lady, as we journey with all 7 remarkable Element Angels and their Angelic Attributes. We will explore in detail the uniqueness of each Angel, sharing messages, insights, symbolism, invoking protection, opening to thee Angelic Realm, reaching through the veil between the Realm of Spirit and the physical realm in which we live, love, work and play.

    How The Amazing You 2020 Works?

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