TopicTop 10 Personal Sound Amplification Devices

  • Fri 14th Sep 2018 - 1:02pm

    PSAPs are wearable electronic devices that amplify sounds for the non-hearing-impaired-consumers. Basically, many of us face the issue in listening in an exceedingly noisy atmosphere. The PSAP assist you to listen to in noisy environments like announcements at conferences, noisy eating place etc. There are 3 different forms of hearing devices that assist you in listening.

    PSAP - Empower Hearing Amplifier

                 LifeEar BOOST Sound Amplifier

    Some type of hearing device are:

    • Hearing Aid
    • Personal Sound Amplification Products
    • Assistive listening devices (ALD)

    Some feature of PSAP:

    • Good style and overall acceptable the user.
    • Easy to use with a transparent booklet.
    • Good frequency response that has tiny variations within the output of low frequencies versus high frequencies.

     If you know more about it then you can visit here:

    Contact toll-free : 1800-121-4408


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