• Tue 14th Jan 2020 - 9:07am

    Radiant Swift Keto  The Institute of Food and Nutrition also formulated 10 principles of healthy eating related to the pyramid of healthy eating and physical activity. The pyramid and the rules are directed to healthy people to help them maintain good health. In the case of civilization diseases such as obesity , diabetes , hypertension and many others, it may be necessary to modify the recommendations presented above and for this purpose it is best to consult a doctor and dietitian. Who is the 1700 kcal diet suitable for? To determine who a 1700 kcal diet will be appropriate for you, start by explaining the concept of energy demand and describing the factors that affect it. Energy demand is the amount of energy supplied with food during the day that will ensure the maintenance of good health, proper weight and body composition, perform daily life and physical activity, as well as allow optimal growth and development of children, the proper course of pregnancy and maintenance of lactation optimal level that will ensure good health of the child and mother.

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